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Refugee Community-Based Paralegal Training 2020

Asylum seeker and refugee (ASR) are known to be one of the most marginalized groups in every part of the world. They have fled from their home countries due to persecution, seeking safer life. However, in practice, many ASR are not welcomed in various countries due to the rise of global extreme nationalism and irrational security regulation. This condition is further worsened in transit countries, meaning the countries who are not signatory to Refugee Convention and its Protocol, such as Indonesia.

As a host for 13.612 ASR (1), Indonesia has put a considerable amount of attention to ASR. In 2016, President Joko Widodo enforced Presidential Regulation 125/2016 on The Handling of Foreign Refugees. This marked the first legal recognition for ASR in Indonesia. However, said regulation does not cover the protection of rights for ASR in Indonesia, thus creating legal gaps on fulfilment of rights of ASR while in Indonesia.

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SUAKA Nominated for Namati Justice Prize

Bahasa Version

Jakarta, 7/7/2015 –SUAKA, the Indonesia Civil Society Network for Refugee Rights Protection – has been nominated for the Namati Justice Prize 2015.

The Namati Justice Prize is an international prize celebrating the impact, sustainability and innovation in legal empowerment being made by grassroots organizations around the world. Its focuses on organizations working quietly to make major changes to human life. It is open to individuals, non-governmental organizations and social enterprises. Read more

SUAKA Terpilih Dalam Nominasi Namati Justice Prize

English Version

Jakarta, 7 Juni 2015 -SUAKA, Jaringan Kerja Masyarakat Sipil Indonesia untuk Perlindungan Pengungsi, dinominasikan dalam Namati Justice Prize pada akhir Juni 2015 lalu.

Namati Justice Prize adalah hadiah global yang pertama kali di dunia untuk organisasi akar rumput untuk mengapresiasi dampak, keberlanjutan dan inovasi di pemberdayaan hukum. The Justice Prize diberikan untuk menghargai kerja mengagumkan yang dilakukan di berbagai belahan dunia. Read more