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Refugee Community Based Paralegal Handbooks

Since 2019, SUAKA has conducted law and human rights basic training for 38 paralegals in order to empower and improve the access to justice for the refugee community. These paralegals are community-based, meaning that they are from the refugee community and work for the interest of their community. After the training, refugee paralegals are expected to have better capacity and knowledge in order to provide legal aid (litigation and non-litigation) for the victim of human rights violations.

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Laporan Tahunan SUAKA 2020

SUAKA mengeluarkan Laporan Tahunan pertama untuk publik di tahun 2020. Laporan Tahunan ini adalah salah satu bentuk akuntabilitas SUAKA sebagai organisasi yang bergerak di bidang kemanusiaan secara non profit, kepada publik dan komunitas pengungsi sebagai penerima manfaat.

Banyak dinamika yang terjadi di tahun 2020 terutama akibat situasi pandemi COVID-19. SUAKA banyak melakukan adaptasi dan terobosan untuk tetap mengawal advokasi perlindungan hak pengungsi di Indonesia.

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Refugee Community-Based Paralegal Training 2020

Asylum seeker and refugee (ASR) are known to be one of the most marginalized groups in every part of the world. They have fled from their home countries due to persecution, seeking safer life. However, in practice, many ASR are not welcomed in various countries due to the rise of global extreme nationalism and irrational security regulation. This condition is further worsened in transit countries, meaning the countries who are not signatory to Refugee Convention and its Protocol, such as Indonesia.

As a host for 13.612 ASR (1), Indonesia has put a considerable amount of attention to ASR. In 2016, President Joko Widodo enforced Presidential Regulation 125/2016 on The Handling of Foreign Refugees. This marked the first legal recognition for ASR in Indonesia. However, said regulation does not cover the protection of rights for ASR in Indonesia, thus creating legal gaps on fulfilment of rights of ASR while in Indonesia.

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RLWS #1: Marriage Law in Indonesia

One of the main concerns of refugees while they stay in Indonesia is regarding their rights to legally marry and divorce, be it with an Indonesian spouse or other country of origins. SUAKA has been receiving many requests of information, as well as consultation on marriage and divorce cases. The same requests have also been addressed to the paralegals who have been trained by SUAKA back in 2019.

That is the reason why we chose Marriage Law in Indonesia to be the initial RLWS #1 topic. The webinar series will be conducted on Monday, 28th of September 2020, at 18:00 – 20:00 WIB

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Refugee Legal Webinar Series Launching

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that has affected every part of the world, SUAKA tries to change the planned Community Sharing Sessions to Refugee Legal Webinar Series (RLWS) as a form of legal empowerment for refugees in Indonesia.

This webinar series provides information on laws of various topics and issues related to the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia. This webinar series aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of refugees in Indonesia on their rights while in Indonesia.

Starting this September, RLSW is planned to be held regularly through a virtual meeting platform i.e Zoom, with different topics and inviting experts and practitioners to help explain and give insights on how refugees navigate the issues.