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Education for Child Refugee in Indonesia

Do you ever imagine, what would happen if you don’t have any legal identity?

Losing an ID card might be a problem for us; we cannot open a bank account, apply for health insurance, or even check in to airports. These little things might be just a little disturbance in our daily life, and can be solved by a visit to police station. But, if no one will ever give it back to us, those little financial, health, and transportation issues will be a huge lifetime problem. And these are problems that every refugee struggled in. Read more


Mengecam Pernyataan Menkopolhukam tentang Pencari Suaka sebagai Komoditas Diplomatik!

SUAKA, sebuah jaringan masyarakat sipil untuk advokasi hak-hak pengungsi dan pencari suaka, menyesalkan pernyataan Mekopolhukam yang seakan-akan menjadikan pencari suaka/pengungsi sebagai dagangan politik di saat konflik Indonesia dan Australia terjadi. Dalam sebuah pernyataanna, Menteri Menkopolhukam, Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno, mengancam akan melepaskan 10.000 pencari suaka bila Australia terus bersikap tak bersahabat terhadap eksekusi mati terpidana Bali nine.

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Protection at Sea – Indonesia: Saransika’s Story

With the UNHCR hosting it’s annual High-Commissioner’s Dialogue on “Protection At Sea” over 10-11 December 2014, they have prepared stories from refugees and asylum seekers sharing their experiences about why they had to flee by boat.

Saransika, a young Sri Lankan girl currently in Indonesia says:

“What happened to me and my family should not happen to others”.

It’s such a tragic story but we encourage you to share it with your friends on social media so they understand that people take these dangerous boat journeys because there are no safe pathways to protection available to them:

Suaka Press Release: Hari Anak Internasional untuk Anak-anak Pengungsi

Jakarta, 22 November 2014 – Jaringan Masyarakat Sipil Indonesia untuk Perlindungan Hak Pengungsi –SUAKA, mendesak pemerintah Republik Indonesia untuk segera melaksanakan rekomendasi Komite Hak Anak PBB untuk perlindungan anak dengan maksimal.

Hal ini ditegaskan oleh SUAKA dalam rangka Memperingati Hak Anak Internasional yang jatuh pada tanggal 20 November, bertepatan dengan lahirnya Konvensi Hak Anak. Hari internasional ini diperingati khusus untuk seluruh anak-anak di dunia sebagai bentuk pengingat atas kondisi kehidupan anak-anak saat ini.

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Suaka Press Release: Australian Policy Against Refugee Resettlement Further Complicates Refugee Transit in Indonesia

Jakarta, 20 November 2014 — Suaka, the Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Rights Protection, strongly criticized the anti-resettlement policies issued by the Australian Government targeted at refugees residing in Indonesia. “This policy is clearly contrary to the international obligations of Australia as a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and increases the uncertainty of the situation for refugees in transit in Indonesia,” said Febionesta, Chair of Suaka.

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