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Monitoring Implementasi Peraturan Presiden

Laporan ini merupakan upaya untuk melihat bagaimana implementasi Peraturan Presiden No. 125 tahun 2016 tentang Penanganan Pengungsi dari Luar Negeri (selanjutnya Perpres), pada kejadian datangnya pengungsi Rohingya pada 2020 dan melihat bagaimana penanganan 2015 ketika Perpres belum disahkan. Kedua tahun tersebut dipilih karena merupakan kejadian terdekat dengan disahkannya Perpres pada 2016. Pada konteks 2020, tim […]


Pathways to Refugee Wellbeing

Who is conducting this study? The Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program, from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is working with HOST International, SUAKA, and Universitas Gadjah Mada to conduct this study. Why is the study important? We want to learn about the experiences of refugees, and what kinds of things affect their […]


Unlocking the Economic Potentials

Abstract: As of September 2019, Indonesia has been the unintentional home to approximately 13,657 refugees. Most of these individuals from Afghanistan and Somalia left their home countries in search of safety and to escape life-threatening circumstances with the intention of seeking asylum in elsewhere. However, geo-political circumstances have led to refugee communities forming in other […]

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Trump’s Executive Order

02/R/SUAKA-CPG/II/2017 Trump’s Executive Order: Bad Example in Protecting Asylum Seekers and Refugees Disappointment arises from SUAKA towards Trump’s Executive Order which was put forth in January 2017 regarding the changes in the United States’ immigration system. The order enforced was expected to counter terrorism and to increase national security in United States. SUAKA deems this […]


Research on Rohingya Refugees

During June to October 2016, SUAKA conducted baseline research to document the condition of the Rohingya refugees during their stay in Indonesia. The research is aimed to portray the experiences and best practices in the refugee handling. The research involves Rohingya refugees, national and provincial government officials, international and local NGOs, and the people surround […]


Rohingya Research Report

SUAKA will launch “Barely Living” the research report on the condition of Rohingya refugees in Indonesia. Speaker: SUAKA research team with Prof. Enny Soeprapto Monday, 5th of December 2016Hotel Gren Alia Prapatan, Kwitang, SenenPukul 12.00 – 16.00 Info lebih lanjut/ For more info:Sisi – 0852 17822 444

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Criminalization Against Refugees

No. 26/R/SUAKA-CPG/XII/2018 SUAKA: Criminalization Against Refugees Who Are Accused As Gigolo At Batam Indonesia’s Directorate General of Immigration of Ministry of Justice and Human Rights secured 10 male refugees who were accused to be working as gigolo at Batam. The immigration said that they misused their asylum seeker certificates which were published by United Nations […]

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Australian Policy Against Refugee Resettlement

Jakarta, 20 November 2014 — Suaka, the Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Rights Protection, strongly criticized the anti-resettlement policies issued by the Australian Government targeted at refugees residing in Indonesia. “This policy is clearly contrary to the international obligations of Australia as a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and increases the uncertainty of the […]

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Update on Refugees in Indonesia

As of 30 June 2014, a total of 10,116 individuals were registered by UNHCR in Indonesia, including 6,286 asylum seekers and 3,830 refugees. Of those, 7,910 were male and 2,206 were female. The total includes 2,507 children; 798 are unaccompanied minors and separated children. The main countries of origin are Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, […]

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