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Supporting System of Refugee and Asylum Seekers in Indonesia

Lack of Support Services

The limited capacity of UNHCR in Indonesia to deal with increasing numbers of asylum seekers and low resettlement places leads to significant waiting periods. The lack of information and assistance available to asylum seekers and refugees to support themselves and their families leads to frustration and desperation for many people of concern. Read more

Why We are Here

Asylum seekers and refugees transiting through or living temporarily in Indonesia come from all over the world. Continuing persecution and escalating violence in countries of origin, as well as a limited number of countries offering a durable solution, has seen a steady increase in the number of asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia. In May 2015, UNHCR reported that 13,138 people are currently registered asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia. This is an increase of 4,000 people since September 2014 and does not include the influx of Rohingya refugees(approximately 2,000)  who arrived during May 2015.[1] Read more