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Education for Child Refugee in Indonesia

Do you ever imagine, what would happen if you don’t have any legal identity?

Losing an ID card might be a problem for us; we cannot open a bank account, apply for health insurance, or even check in to airports. These little things might be just a little disturbance in our daily life, and can be solved by a visit to police station. But, if no one will ever give it back to us, those little financial, health, and transportation issues will be a huge lifetime problem. And these are problems that every refugee struggled in. Read more

Peluang Indonesia Menjadi Pemimpin Regional Dalam Perlindungan Pengungsi

[English version] 

Sebagai sebuah negara yang akan memilih presiden baru, Hari Pengungsi Sedunia membuka peluang bagi Indonesia untuk menampilkan masa depan kebijakan luar negeri yang signifikan: perlindungan regional terhadap pengungsi dan pencari suaka serta pencegahan perdagangan orang. Suaka, Jaringan Kerja Organisasi Masyarakat Sipil Indonesia untuk Perlindungan Hak-Hak Pengungsi mencatat bahwa agar kebijakan tentang ini efektif, harus ada pendekatan berbasis hak yang menempatkan soal perlindungan sebagai pokok diskusi.

Di Asia Tenggara, pertanyaan tentang perlindungan pengungsi menjadi alasan bagi keprihatinan yang mendalam terhadap persekusi kepada minoritas seperti Etnis Rohingya di Myanmar. Melirik agak jauh, krisis yang masih terus berlangsung di Suriah dan situasi yang berkembang di Irak hanyalah dua dari sekian banyak pemicu migrasi paksa yang berdampak pada kawasan.

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Indonesia’s chance to be a regional leader on refugee protection

[Bahasa Indonesia]

As the country looks towards electing it’s next president, World Refugee Day brings an opportunity for Indonesia to reflect on the future of a significant foreign policy issue: the regional protection of refugees and asylum seekers and prevention of human trafficking. Suaka, the Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Rights Protection, notes that for any policy response in this area to be effective, there must be a rights-based approach that puts protection issues at the centre of the discussion.

Around the region, the question of refugee protection is cause for significant concern, with the persecution of minorities such as Burma’s Rohinya minority being closest to home. Further afield, the ongoing crisis in Syria and the developing situation in Iraq are but two drivers of forced migration that have an impact on the region.

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