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Comments and Social Media Policy

Suaka as a network, we advocates for laws, policies and programs that improve the lives and protect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia and beyond to South-East Asia and the world.

As part of our advocacy, Suaka has developed this website and is engaging in social media discussions via Twitter and Facebook.

We are passionate about bringing lasting and measurable change to some of the most vulnerable people in the world, and most of the visitors to our online community share our vision. However, we understand that some visitors may not completely agree with our advocacy or the issues we raise.

While we encourage informed debate and civil discourse within our online community through social media, we will not provide a venue for commentary that relies on unfounded claims, misinformation, disrespectful language, or inappropriate discussion. Comments are not enabled on this website and moderators on our Facebook page will delete any such comments and ban users who continually disregard those principles.

Please note the views expressed in the comments of visitors or individual members of the Suaka network on social media do not necessarily reflect the views of Suaka or its organisational members.

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