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Our Work

(English text below)

Suaka sejak 2012 berusaha terus untuk mengembangkan sumber daya untuk mendukung perlindungan hak pengungsi di Indonesia. Kegiatan utama pada SUAKA termasuk:

  • Pelatihan peningkatan kapasitas bagi para pengacara dan pembela hak asasi manusia di Indonesia agar mereka dapat memberikan bantuan kepada pencari suaka;
  • Menjalankan sesi informasi masyarakat bagi pencari suaka tentang proses Penentuan Status Pengungsi dengan UNHCR;
  • Membantu pencari suaka dengan proses aplikasi mereka untuk Penentuan Status Pengungsi dengan UNHCR;
  • Advokasi ke Komisi Nasional Hak Asasi Manusia (KOMNAS HAM) untuk hak-hak pengungsi dan pencari suaka yang ditahan di Rumah Detensi Imigrasi; dan
  • Memberikan informasi kepada instansi media di Indonesia dan luar negeri mengenai situasi pencari suaka dan pengungsi di Indonesia.

Semua anggota Suaka bekerja sebagai relawan. Kami tidak memiliki staf yang digaji dan semua kegiatan dilaksanakan dalam anggaran operasional yang sudah ada di pihak anggota organisasi Suaka, atau dari donasi para relawan.

SUAKA, the Bahasa Indonesia word for ‘asylum,’ is currently a member-based network consisting of two NGOs: Jakarta Legal Aid Institute and Human Rights Working Group, and 43 individuals who have particular expertise in human rights. It is the only Indonesian-based network focused solely on asylum seeker and refugee issues in Indonesia. As one of the initiators, LBH Jakarta is committed to supporting SUAKA to become an independent organization.

SUAKA works to protect and promote the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia. Since SUAKA’s establishment it has focused on the following three working groups:

  1. Legal Aid and Empowerment: providing legal aid, advice and information to asylum seekers and refugees as well as empowering asylum seekers and refugees to understand and advocate for their human rights;
  2. Public Awareness Raising: conducting Indonesian based campaigns on asylum and refugee issues; and
  3. Research and Policy Advocacy: collecting and analyzing data in order to pursue policy changes that enhance the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

SUAKA’s achievements to date include provision of legal aid services to over one hundred clients and four information sessions that reach many hundreds of refugee and asylum seekers. We have also provided refugee legal training to Indonesian lawyers – (at least one on Sunday and maybe more??) SUAKA has developed comprehensive Self Help Kits for every stage of the RSD (Refugee Status Determination in UNHCR) process: First Instance, Appeal and Re-opening. SUAKA also critically engaged with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in developing the Presidential Regulation on Handling Refugee and Asylum Seekers. SUAKA events include; speaking to the media, at universities, public forums and also coordinating annual World Refugee Day events.


Objective: to provide access to legal advice, assistance and representation for asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia 

  • Legal Aid for UNHCR RSD applicants
  • Legal Information for RSD
  • Emergency Response / Monitoring / Assistance
  • Training and Capacity Building


Objective: to support and empower asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia 

  • Empower Refugees to participate in advocacy
  • “Know Your Rights” Information – self help kits and community information sessions
  • Empower Refugees to participate in advocacy
  • Address Key Protection Issues: :Physical Violence by authorities, Children in Detention, Livelihood (Health, Education, Housing), Women and Girls at Risk


Objective: to encourage public support for refugee rights in Indonesia 

  • Public Events
  • Media Engagement, Monitoring and Training
  • Embassy Briefings


Objective: to advocate for better policies and procedures to protect the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia

  • Data Collection and Monitoring
  • National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM)
  • Government Authorities

All of Suaka’s members are volunteers. We have no paid staff, and all of our activities are conducted within the existing operating budgets of our organisational members, or on the own time of our volunteers.

We welcome individuals and organisations to support Suaka or to join as members.