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Mode of Transportation Restriction during PSBB Policy

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Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya (Jakarta Traffic Police Division) is starting to record vehicle users who violated the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) to overcome the coronavirus in DKI Jakarta.

The data collection was done through a Warning Notification given to motorists who violated. Later, if the driver is found to have committed a similar violation again, he will be immediately sanctioned.

The Ditlantas has also added surveillance posts regarding the implementation of PSBB in Bodetabek. There are a total of 158 checkpoints in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi).

The warning notification given to the driver was the modification of the traffic ticket. The difference is that the police will not confiscate a SIM or STNK that receives a reprimand letter. Traffic tickets are known to be usually given by police officers to motorists who are judged to have violated the rules or traffic signs.

Below is the picture of the Warning Notification and the translation.

Later, police officers on duty in the field will check or circle the types of violations committed by motorists regarding the PSBB rules on the Warning Notification.

The police do not confiscate a driver’s license (SIM) or other vehicle certificates belonging to the violating driver.

The police will prioritize persuasive efforts in overseeing the implementation of the PSBB in the community. Enforcement options were the last step the police would take.

Please be advised that refugees are not allowed to operate vehicles since they are not being issued a driving license.

During the PSBB, motorcycle taxi (2wheel transportation using apps – Gojek, Grab, etc) are not allowed to take passengers. This policy also applies for ordinary ‘ojek’, as the transportation restriction also does not allow the motorcycle to transport passenger that is not from the same address based on KTP.

Refugee communities living in the area where PSBB is enacted should follow the direction from the authorities when using public transportation.


CNN Indonesia

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