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Postpone Visits to Doctors during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Do doctors’ appointments count as essential? Some appointments ― like a medical checkup or perhaps a dental cleaning ― you may be able to postpone, but what about vital screenings or monthly checkups for health conditions?

If it’s a nonessential visit to a doctor or dentist, reschedule it.

For elderly patients or those with significant medical conditions that limit their reserve, the most prudent advice at this time is to call the physician’s office and follow his/her advice

We need to “be responsible” to free up hospital beds and space.

Don’t go to the doctor’s office or the emergency room without calling ahead.
The coronavirus is highly contagious, and doctors want to protect themselves and their other patients from infection.
People who don’t have a doctor should call their local healthcare facilities to discuss symptoms.

ONLY for independent refugee living in the Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi area, this phone numbers below are available for emergency only: – CWS Hotline (Emergency): 0811 8161 511

Alternatively, if you can reach that number, and for refugee in other parts of Indonesia, you can try to coordinate with one of the followings:
– local service provider
– community house administrator – community leaders,
– community focal points or
– refugee representative.

You can follow these simple tips on how to identify are you in a medical emergency:

take care of yourself, stay at home and stay healthy!

*caption excerpts: FoxNews, HuffPost

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